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"Mr. deBerry passed away."
I remember crying the day I found out. Mr. deBerry passed away. He was by far one of the most influential teachers that I've came across to. He not only thought us about government, but he also though us about life and challenged us to think outside the classroom walls. He never gave up on his students. Even for the dumbest kid in the class, he would find a way to motivate them and tell them he believed in them. I remember he came to one of my cross country meets. I came in 13 place( Top 10 qualified for regionals) and told me how proud he was =) My best friend Becky thought I had a serious crush on him, but honestly I didn't lol. I just really LOVED Mr. deBerry. He will never be forgotten.
Novermeber 11, 2007
Hi Carla, It's great to hear from you. I really miss you. You will always be one of my favorite students ever. Don't worry about the Dream Act. Everyone with any brains knows that it is the right thing to do. The only reason it di…