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First Marathon COMPLETE!

Last December I ran my first marathon. I also had the opportunity to share this experience with my best friend, Jarrah, who ran her first marathon that day. I couldn't put into words the mix of emotions I endured during those 26.2 miles, until now. 

Months of training finally came down to this day. Since it was my first marathon I didn't know what to expect. I had no game strategy other than to keep running and hoping to cross the finish line alive. So I played it safe and ran at a slower, comfortable pace. Something I semi-regret because although I did run pain free for most of the race, my finish time wasn't that great. 

I usually run with music but the cheers from the awesome spectators were too loud to pass on. Around mile 6 I read a poster that said, "Embrace your pace." Simple yet comforting words for an anxious first-time marathoner. It was exactly what I needed to believe. 

Reaching the half way point was a small victory. The downhill that came right aft…