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Weekend Recap: Grubbing W/ Friends and Shopping!

I had a great weekend! It was so full of friends, laughter, and best of all food!! I kid, the best part was definitely hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in years!

I had dinner at Plucker's with Jarrah, Cruz and Armando. Cruz and Armando were PLUCKER VIRGIN but not no more! Instead of ordering the usual waffle fries as my side, I tried their 'Original Ceaser Salad.' It was 'oh-so-good,' I will definitely be trying it again. I was so full but not like 'ughh-I'm-full-I-hate-myself-full' but more like 'happy-full.'

I had breakfast with one of my good friends,Miriam. She was in town since she works in Houston. I first met her in 7th grade at Greiner Middle School. We both took 'folklorico' as an elective. We went to separate high schools but got back in touch during our years at UT-Austin. We had breakfast at Jonathon's, which by the was was my first time. The food is amazing. We did a little shopping, before sh…

Hump [Off| Day

Late Workout: 

Walked on TM
2 miles/ 40 min
1 incline
Relaxed, watched the Dr. OZ Show

Ran on TM
1.65 miles/ 20min
1.5 incline
Intense, listened to music

I rarely get a day off during the weekday, so I took advantage of the moment and stayed in bed as long as possible. The original plan was to stay in bed all day and get caught up on 'Teen Mom'. I know, super lame. Don't judge me. After hours of listening to Farrah talk crazy to her parents, I knew it was time to hit the gym.

I did my thang on the treadmill for an hour and then got a hair cut. Of course, I went home first to shower then got me a super short haircut. I then gave myself a mani and pedi and off I went to the movies. I saw "The Campaign," with a friend. It was hilarious!

The Hottest Half (and 10K)

My friend, Jarrah, and I ran our first 10k at the annual The Hottest Half event.

It all went down last week on a VERY EARLY Sunday morning. I'm not a morning person but when I woke up at 6AM that morning, I was determined to make those 6 miles my b*tch! You see, the night before my whole family came over to cook out. One taco led to another..... and 6 tacos later I was like "fuuuuuuuck!" So I knew this was gonna be no bueno.

This is a picture of me taken around mile 4 or 5. I'm sure I was thinking, "WTF did I get myself into?" or my most frequent thought of that morning, "that old lady is running faster than me!" I finished in 1 hour 20 minutes 24 seconds with my buddy, Jarrah, finishing right behind me. We got a finishers medal too, oh yeah! Afterwards we stuck around for a little bit to enjoy all the free stuff from vendors. I got a free sandwich, powerade, banana, taco, etc. 

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