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Best Tacos in the Hood

Last night I took Jovani on a hot romantic date to Paisanita Tacos. He had been craving it since he first go into town last Sunday. These tacos go hard! If you're from the Cliff you know what I'm talking about. The weather was perfect so we decided to eat there. I remember everything we would come back from Austin this was the first place we would hit up. What can I say, I'm the best :)
Mission Accomplished ;)

Halloween Weekend!

Friday- Yesenia's Halloween Party! Jarrah and I went to Yesenia's Halloween Party, she's an old high school friend. I didn't know what to wear! So I stopped at the costume shop by my house and bought a witch hat. I was in such a rush I didn't realize what a lame outfit it was. I put on the black gown I wore in one of my videos and we set to go! There were a lot of old high school friends so that made the night fun! You remember the clip in MEAN GIRLS where Lindsay Lohan shows up to the halloween party in a really scary outfit, while all the girls are wearing super skanky costumes?? Yes! I felt like that but ehhh it was a good night!

SATURDAY- Party at the Block Jarrah, 2 of her co-workers, and I when to the annual Party at the Block, in the heart of Oak Lawn. I had never been there before. It was like 6th Street filled with a bunch of gay men! It was so fun and we got to see a lot of interesting costumes.... It's W…

Six Flags Adventure :)

This past Sunday I went to Six Flags with Jarrah and a couple of her co-workers. We got there around 2PM and it was packed. It was mainly packed with youth church organizations. There was even a nun there! I wore jeans thinking it was going to get chilly eventually, boy was I wrong!! We got to ride a couple of ride because all rides had a 1 hour waiting line. We did ride the Titan so it was all good!  Every time I rode the TEXAS GIANT felt like it was about to fall apart. Thank god they got the message! I forgot what this was but it was sooo good! Afterwards, I wasn't so much concern about the rides, I was too busy wondering how long it was going to take before I would throw up on this ride.  This was a group picture we took after riding the Titan. They are really nice and fun to hang out. I can just imagine how fun it must be to work with them. Overall great night!

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you that these people work at the Chuck E. Cheese calling center. So make sure to prank ca…

Robbie's Birthday!!

This weekend was Robbie's Birthday! She's my best friend's (Jarrah) mom. I've been knowing her since I was in middle school. Every year for her birthday Robbie goes all out! This year we decided to shoot some pool before heading back home to drinking it up. I hope she still had a good time with her loved ones, ESPECIALLY ME! (I'm her favorite, she just doesn't know)

I was hungry for some tacos but we end up going to IHop! WE HUNGRY BITCH!!  MAN!!! I DEVOURED THAT BURGER!!!  TIP CALCULATOR ALERT: NERD EDITION!!!! HAHA LAST SHOT OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!