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The Hottest Half and 10K 2013 Recap

10k Finisher Picture
I ran The Hottest Half and (10k) last week, my second year in a row. I felt more confident this time around since I was familiar with the course and had better prepared myself for the event.

I had a really great start. My music playlist was on point. I had properly stretched. I was pumped! For the first 3 miles, I was running ahead of my usual pace per mile by 45 seconds.

By the turn around point, little over 3 miles, I was happy how good I was keeping up. I just knew I would finish ahead of last years time. 

Around mile 5 I started to slow down. I knew even if I walked for a bit, I could still beat last year time. It was during that last mile that I just wanted to give up. I wanted to cross the finish line, yet running was the last thing I wanted to to.

The last mile is always a tough one. It's such a mental challenge. 

I always get caught off guard and end up with really crappy race pictures. This year I was able to spot the camera guy ahead of time. So every t…