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A Champion's Parade

Yesterday was our 2011 Dallas Mavericks Parade! It was so much fun and hot. But we're known for beating the HEAT so the celebration went on. My friend Jarrah drove us to the train station at 6AM, which was already getting filled with Dallas Mavs. Buying train tickets was so chaotic because you had to purchase one by one. Overall we were on the train by 6:30AM and that was already considered late! We walked around to get a good spot. At the end we didn't have much luck but we settled for a spot by 7:30AM. The parade started at 10AM but because we were almost all the way to the back, it didn't get to us until 10:30AM.
The German Assassin is coming!

Sadly the crowd went nuts and I didn't get a good picture since my camera was shaking so much :( FAIL!

The Night We Became Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday night will go down as history as our Dallas Mavericks became the 2011 NBA Champions!!!!! I was able to watch and celebrate with my close friends. We ate, drank, danced, and drank so more all night long. The place was a little hot, well more like ALOT HOT! We were burning up, as you can see from the pictures. But it's all good because the HEAT didn't seem to bother us through the night :) Everybody "BOO" Jarrah for not having MAVS spirit lol Last seconds left in the game, we were ready!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! (Yes that's me) In her defense they were splashing beer from the excitement!  About to shut it down! Steven and Estevan  He was going at it!  and so were we! Droppin in to the floooo to the floooo! watching live coverage of downtown and drinking lol

Sister Bonding Time!

So I woke up by noon from partying the night before and headed out to North Park Mall with my sister. The first store we hit up was obviously the Dallas Mavericks store. It was busy, everybody getting ready for the game. We were about to pay when my sister got to the register and realize she forgot her debit at home. I offered to buy it but my check hadn't posted to my account. 

With the little money that I had on my card we headed out to grab a bite at Luna De Noche. I get so excited when restaurants offer chips and salsa. This place offered 3 different type of salsa!!!! I was in heaven. I ordered pork tacos and they were so yummy! 

Afterward, we grabbed some yogurt and ice cream
I love my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Amanda's Birthday!

Last Saturday was Amanda Ray's birthday party! She finally was able to kick that fake ID to the curb and party legally. She had her bash at a bar called Martini Village. The place was pretty chilled and most of my favorite twitter peeps were there. At first we weren't feeling the music, we were too hood for that hip-hop POP music. But once they started playing our shht, we were all about it! 
After the party was over we headed out to XTC! Man they sure were making it rain in there. I'm still amaze how men, even some women, would spend so much money! I'll admit it was fun watching :) 
And no night can be completed without a stop to Paisanita Tacos! We only had $12 on us so we had to sacrifice drinking a coke... but the tacos made up for that!
what a great night :)