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Lots of contemplating

For the past couple of days I've been contemplating about work, future, friends, love, myself and just life in general. I see myself going through a personal transformation, not intentionally, but I guess the type of change life sort of puts you through as it goes on.

Work. Lately, I've been working longer hours. It doesn't bother me much, unless I've made plans with friends afterwards. I kind of bring this upon myself because I make myself too available. I'm always cleaning up the mess, crossing off ALL items on the checklist, making sure everyone's okay. Call me a mom but I guess that's what happens when you're the only female working in the office. I day dream a lot about my future job. This isn't it. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the opportunity to hold a position of authority. I'm working on being more self-assertive, voicing my opinions, multitasking and delegating assignments. It can be overwhelming sometimes but when the jo…

Camera Roll: Uno

I picked a random set of pictures in my phone. Nothing super exciting. I'll probably do another round soon. Enjoy.

Felling Like a Kid

A few weeks ago, a friend and I visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. It's been a while since I've been to a museum so you can only imagine how excited I was. The place was pack with kids, who were on an actual field trip, which made me feel like a big kid on a field trip as well.
The escalator took us to the very top level of the museum. We started our exploration with a 'journey through the solar system.' I remembered some of this from elementary but it was nice to feel like I was learning something new again. 

We then made our way through the Mesozoic Era. We watched a 3D short film about dinosaurs, which was interesting.

The next level provided some insights about earth, from tornadoes and earthquakes to the production of  natural energy and gas. We even took a virtual trip underground and watched how natural gas was produced.

My favorite exhibition was the engineering and innovation hall. It was so fun and interactive. I got to play with a couple of in…

Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

I ran the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half-marathon, my second half, in March. It was honestly one of the best races I've ever had. Going into this race, I was a little nervous. I had slacked off the last weeks of training, the most critical weeks. I had prepared better for the Dallas Marathon in December, but it got cancelled at the last minute. Mentally, I was prepared but physically I just wanted to finish under 2:45. And that's all I was focused on.  That morning, Jarrah and I rode the train to the race in downtown. It turned out to be a good idea, since we didn't want to deal with traffic. The race started at 8am, but my corral took off about 15 minutes later. 

I felt great through out the race. At each mile, I was ahead of my anticipated time goal and that got me really excited. I ran nonstop, which is something I don't usually do especially on a long run like this.

Around mile 11, I started to push myself a little harder. By then all I wanted to do was just be…

6/28: Hardest thing you have ever experienced?

I intended to answer questions from my 28 Things Challenge one day at a time, for the entire month of February. Obviously, it did not go as planned due to my busy work schedule. I will continue to answer each question but at my own pace. So please be patient, thank you. 

28 Things Challenge
Life has a way of throwing you curve balls every now and then. I've had my share, including the death of my stepfather when I was 11 years old. His passing was so sudden and unexpected that I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. Something that I still struggle with till this day.

But while that was tough, nothing can compare to a time in my life when I felt so helpless. What should of been an exciting time of self-discovery and meeting new people, was also my lowest point.

It all happened a few years back when I was in college. From the start, I hated my major. I hated my classes. The only real reason I was even there was because it was the perfect opportunity to finally runaway from home. I …