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New Trail Adventure.

This morning I woke up eager to go for a run. Actually I've been up since 3 am but whatever. I've been wanting to check out this bike/running trail but I didn't want to go alone. So I called up my friend, Jarrah, and practically dragged her out of bed. 

From the moment I got dressed and was headed over there, I was excited.The trail, fairly new, was beautiful and very peaceful. You can tell serious money was put into this project. I was surprised we were the only ones there. We did run into a lady on our way back. Also, I guess we were the only crazy ones to wake up so early on a Sunday morning. 

I want to guess it took us about a mile to reach the Trinity River. Now this river is not popular among Dallas locals. It's sort of an almost-there river.The trail took us near it and also over it, on a bridge that was part of a railroad track, waaaay back in the day. 

Check out my arms. I was thrilled! 

As you can tell we took a lot of pictures. The trail offers great views …

Domingo, 5am

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I sit there for hours just thinking. What I did today. What I should have done. Was I right? Oh did I really just say that? My mind never sleeps. Unless I read till I doze off.  It seems to help. Well not tonight. So here I am.
I'm a very sensitive person. It's my weakness and I hate it.  I let other people's emotions get to me. Whether it's positive or negative energy, I allow myself to feel it. I'm always told to "grow thick skin," but I never listen. I just get better at not making it look so obvious. But the feeling is still there.
I'm always quick to trust. I see the best in others, until I don't. Then I feel like the biggest idiot and beat myself for being so naive. Patterns. They don't seem to go away.
But this is who I am. I'll get suck into it. The energy. The trust. Over and over again.
Hopefully one day, I'll master the art of sensing others' true intentions from a mile…

Easy Breakfast Idea

I hate to admit that I can't cook to save my life. It's quiet embarrassing at my age. I can, however, put something decent together like a sandwich, fiesta salad, chicken and rice, the type of meals that require no thinking. Oh the good'ol college days...

In the mornings I'm always in a rush, so it's critical that I find something I can take on the go. Yogurt, sliced fruits or breakfast burritos are usually my top choice. But every now and then when I have lots time to kill, I like to find something new to make.

This morning I was craving avocado. I LOVE AVOCADO! I never mind when at restaurant they tell me it will be an extra charge. That's fine. Give me an extra scoop. I like to eat tomatoes for breakfast as well. So I put together this. below. Nothing too fancy or over the top. Remember I'm no cooking expert, so I gotta take baby steps. 

The only new thing that I tried this time is I poached my eggs. I've always heard of it but was never sure how the…